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With the growing number of devices, and the increasing need within the enterprise for mobile and flexible workforce, having a robust, high performance wireless network is essential.

Wireless networking gives your end users the flexibility to connect from anywhere on your premises, using a variety of devices.

We are able to design and install scalable wireless networks that meet your specific business needs and ensure optimum performance, utilising our own internal technical expertise and leveraging the our close relationships with our range of Wireless solution vendors, including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba and Ruckus, amongst others. 

Setting your users free to work wirelessly can deliver huge benefits, from making more flexible use of available space to saving money on ports and cabling. In environments like warehouses and retail premises, introducing wireless networks and devices can revolutionise efficiency, create opportunities to sell and improve staff performance. The key is to design a wireless network infrastructure that will meet your needs today and into the future.

Access Points

We are able to supply the full range of Access Points from all key wireless vendors, including the likes of Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus and Aerohive, including the latest range of high performance 802.11ac and controllerless solutions, ideal for the smaller business and branch offices, from Aruba and Ruckus. Visit our Technology Partners page to find our more.


Power is nothing without Control(lers)! Manage your estate of Access Points with the latest range of wLAN controllers.

Wireless Management & Security

Control who is accessing your Network, with the range of Management & Security systems. With the lastest credential based authentication, you can ensure that there is not unauthorised access to your network. 

Wireless Survey

Our wireless experts can help you to understand the unique requirements for your business, be that in the office or in a more challenging environments both inside and out. A well constructed and maintained structure will dramatically improve your wireless services and applications, whilst reducing the number of support calls received by your team. Visit our Wireless Survey page to learn more and to book your survey

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