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Get the most out of your supplier relationship with DTE

Our strategic partnerships with the leading and best in breed Network Infrastructure and Data Center manufacturers, such as Cisco and Hewlett Packard, mean we will always get you the right solutions at the most competitive prices.

We offer every customer a tailored service, working with you to understand your needs and to identify the solutions best suited to your specific requirements. 

We will then work with the most appropriate vendors to negotiate the best prices and to arrange the most favourable discounts. Our flexible range of purchase, leasing or finance options mean we can work with you to manage your budget effectively. 

We don’t just source products, we can also organise workshops and proofs of concept (POC) to ensure the solutions you require are right ones to achieve your business goals.. What’s more, when you purchase through DTE, our ‘open book’ policy provides total transparency into our pricing and margin structures, so you always know where you stand.

Pricing Strategy

The best products at the lowest prices

We always get the best prices for our customers, drawing on our strategic relationships with all leading vendors to negotiate the best deals on the latest technologies.Our purchasing teams monitor the industry market place closely to identify the best channel for procurement at that time. If there is a promotional option, such as a trade-in, we will make you aware of these opportunities to reduce your investment costs and alleviate the strain of disposing of legacy infrastructure equipment.

Most IT teams need to increase infrastructure performance while reducing the total cost of ownership of the IT environment. When your budget is under pressure, we can help your organisation benefit from the latest performance-enhancing technologies while significantly reducing the cost of your IT investments.


Make your budget go further by taking advantage of our flexible leasing agreements and innovative salary-sacrifice schemes for the consumerised IT era.

Most organisations are looking to find ways to optimize IT spending in order to make budgets go further. Financing through DTE can help to move your IT budget from a limited CapEx approach to a manageable OpEx solution. 

Our finance options, including salary sacrifice and leasing schemes provide many opportunities to control costs while still investing in the latest hardware and software. 

Procurement Portal

Place orders and access your account 24/7

In a global market, work doesn’t stop at 5pm. When you need new equipment fast, our secure procurement portal is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling you to place orders, access your account information and get help with technical queries at any time. 

Our bespoke procurement portal provides a fast and simple access platform to the products and information you need, as and when you need it. At the same time we can make sure that only approved products are accessible and any               pre-arranged discounts are applied, keeping your technology road map on course and maximising your IT purchasers time. 

Product Authenticity

Quality and authenticity guaranteed

We work closely with all of our vendors and distributors to ensure that the products you buy are authentically sourced, completely secure and capable of delivering the performance you require.

As the volume of products from broker markets or the ‘grey market’ grows, there is an increased risk of unknowingly buying hardware that is counterfeit, stolen or second hand. These products may not function to expectation, and may also have invalid warranties and software licenses, no support entitlement, and incorrect configurations or malicious software       pre-installed. 

If you suspect you have "grey" products in your network we can help you to identify these risk points and, in some cases validate the products with the vendor and protect your investment. 

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