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Whether your network is wired, wireless or converged, DTE infrastructure design will ensure efficient, cost-effective and secure connections – internally, and between you and the world.

While issues such as voice and video capability, external connectivity, endpoint security and the growth of mobility are common to many organisations, we never forget that every business has its own goals and challenges.

Every customer receives a bespoke solution from DTE. Depending on your needs, this can be anything from fixing a single small problem to providing a fully managed, proactive service including survey, review, design, implementation, monitoring and 24/7 response.

With our vast knowledge and multi-vendor flexibility, we can supply a network infrastructure that matches your business requirements perfectly, blends with your existing environment, maximises availability and manageability, meets your budget, reduces total cost of ownership and delivers a healthy return on investment.

Infrastructure security

Protecting your assets while empowering your workforce

Mobile working and converged networks are opening up many exciting possibilities for businesses, but every new development also brings new security challenges.

Every organisation has a duty to protect its valuable information. As businesses become more reliant on networks for collaboration, for access to data and applications, and to deliver online service, the security challenges multiply. Threats range from unfamiliar devices accessing the network to DDoS attacks and malicious user activity.

Virtualisation and consolidation

Your keys to efficiency and economy

Today’s advances allow consolidation of your servers and desktops into a virtualised environment that dramatically reduces spending on hardware, space, management and energy.

Without virtualisation, organisations are faced with the capital and maintenance expense of running multiple desktops, servers and data storage devices – all taking up valuable space and resources. As well as wasting money, such a setup can have a major environmental impact.

Structured cabling

Designed to cope with today’s and tomorrow’s demands

Our structured cabling solutions provide your IT systems with the necessary bandwidth support to meet today’s needs – and the flexibility for future growth.

Legacy cabling may be unable to cope with the huge files and heavy network traffic that a modern organisation needs to work with. In addition, your existing cabling infrastructure may not extend to all locations. If you are building new premises, you need future-proof cabling from the start.

Connectivity services & solutions

Customised communication links to suit every location and budget

When it comes to connecting multiple or remote sites, there is no limit to what DTE can achieve for you – and we have many ways of minimising the cost.

Effective, reliable connectivity is essential to your business, but there are many options available and the potential costs can be alarming. Many organisations find their existing connectivity solutions no longer meet their growing needs, but struggle to find a cost-effective answer.

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