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The Data Centre is critical to any enterprise, be it a local owned or hosted solution. We have decades of experience designing and managing Data Centers for medium to large enterprise companies. Our designs deliver optimum availability, reliability, scalability and security, as well as lower running costs and energy consumption. 

Whether you’re looking to build a Data center from the ground up or add new capabilities to your current environment, we offer a wide range of services that provide the resilience, scalability and security you need – now and for the future.

We offer on-site, containerised and co-location services along with flexible options for consolidating hardware, deploying virtualised solutions and creating private, public or hybrid clouds. This flexibility allows us to deliver the right solution for your needs, reducing your storage and power costs, improving up time and centralising management.

Because every customer’s needs are different, our data center experts will always work closely with you to understand your business goals, time lines and budgets, and propose the data center solution that best meets your current and future needs.


Data center design and infrastructure

Whether you’re looking to consolidate your existing server footprint or design a completely new data center, we’ll find the best solution for you. 

Your data center is critical to the success of your organisation and must be designed for the highest possible performance at an optimum total cost of ownership.

At the same time, you need to be sure your data is adequately protected at all times from both digital and physical threats. We work with you and our technology partners to make sure any Data Center design adheres to standards demanded by government policy.

Managed Hosting

Get peace of mind, lower costs and guaranteed up time with our managed hosting services. All delivered by teams of certified and experienced professionals.

For most organisations today, especially those with a significant web presence, system downtime can significantly impact business performance and revenue.

Keeping the data centre operating at peak performance 24/7 can take a lot of time and resource. Many organisations look for a managed hosting service to alleviate some of the cost and management. 

Co location

Offering a wealth of opportunities for shared, dedicated and managed hosting solutions, our co-location services can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

For organisations that don’t want the cost, management overhead and power, cooling and space demands of an on-premise data center, a tailored co-location solution can be a very attractive option.

Co-location is a particularly suitable option for organisations experiencing rapid growth, peaks and troughs in system demand, or frequent changes of premises.

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