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The world of Enterprise technology is forever changing, never before has there been so much choice on which strategy to follow. For every strategy there are also multiple solutions to choose from. Making the right choice will help secure your company’s future for years to come.  

Our Resources center features a collection of IT-related guides, reports and white papers offering industry insights and expertise to help our customers and partners make informed business decisions. 

White Papers

DTE Enterprise Network VOS: a solution set

DTE Visibility, Optimization and Security (VOS) uses best-of-breed technologies to help combat many of the common problems your business faces managing an enterprise class network. This report covers many of those challenges and how DTE VOS can help your business overcome them.

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DTE Enterprise Logistics: a solution set

Whether a business sells hundreds of thousands of products, or just a few select samples, managing warehousing is a key aspect of the supply chain. Get the fundamentals right and warehouse management adds to overall business efficiency, becoming a strategic asset. Get them wrong and the warehouse is just another costly drain on resources.

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The essential BYOD checklist

Implementing BYOD can be a huge headache for IT – but with solid preparation, you can implement mobile working within your organisation and re-engineer the business for high performance.

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BYOD planning to mitigate security risks

Avoid the common pitfalls of implementing a BYOD strategy and take full advantage of the benefits mobile enterprising can bring.

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A Data Center Fabric is Critical to a Next-Generation Data Center

 Data Centers are changing away from the traditional silo based structure to a more dynamic data center. Read this report to discover why a unified approach to your data center will improve performance and delivery. 

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Demand more from your Cisco partner

Find out which value-added benefits you could be missing out on with your current VAR – and how to get great value-added extras.

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Mandiant: M-Trends Threat Report Report 2015

In last year’s M-Trends we noted that cyber security had gone from a niche IT issue to a boardroom priority. This year, cyber security (or perhaps more accurately, cyber insecurity) entered the mainstream. In the first few weeks of 2015 alone, the issue was a pillar of the U.S. president’s State of the Union address, the plot of a big-budget film, and the opening punchline of Hollywood’s Golden Globe awards broadcast. 


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iomart Cloud Backup

Learn what cloud backup solutions are and how they can reduce operating costs and provide a reliable and speedy solution when restoring your data after a failure event.

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Cisco Annual Security Report 2015

With Cisco's annual security report you can get insight from one of the largest networking entities in the world.  Learn how attackers are profitting from gaps between defender intent and actions.

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Opinion Papers

The Partner Model is Dead: Long Live the Partner Model!

Find out why the established IT partner model fails end-users and partners alike and what we are doing about it. Also, how you can benefit from it – whether you’re a re-seller or end-user.

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The Disunified Kingdom: Yay or Nay to Unified Access?

The UK’s attitudes to the vital infrastructures and technologies that support Unified Access (UA) already seem to reflect a divided country, rather than a united one.

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Unified Access: What is it and Why should your business give a damn?

A paper that discusses what we mean by Unified Access and what businesses are doing to address the growing demand for mobile devices.

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Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Update 2013-2018

This paper presents some of Cisco’s major global mobile data traffic projections and growth trends.

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Cisco Report: Internet of Everything: Bringing the future to life

By 2020, there will be 50 billion Internet-connected devices in the world, improving lives by connecting everyone.

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Cisco Survey: Global Work Your Way Study

Cisco’s survey of 1300 end users and IT professionals from 13 countries identifies the challenges associated with BYOD with varying effects

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Definitive Guide to Next Generation Threat Protection

Winning the War Against the New Breed of Cyber Attacks is an ongoing task for enterprises today. In this guide in this guide by Steve Piper you will learn to understand the anatomy of advanced threats and how to:

  • Define Next Generation Attacks
  • understand the anatomy of Advanced Cyber Attacks
  • What solution models are available

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Learn how (BaaS) Backup as a Service can improve your operating efficiency in the event of a recovery and reduce costs, in a highly secure and compliant environment.

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Ruckus Resources

Ruckus Product Guide

Datasheet that gives an overview of the Ruckus entire range of APs, Controllers and Gateways

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Ruckus ZoneFlex At A Glance

Datasheet that gives an overall view of the ZoneFlex range of Indoor and Outdoor APs

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Ruckus Unleashed

Learn about the exciting new range of Controller-less solutions from Ruckus

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Ruckus Unleashed Brochure

A Solutions brief for SMBs

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Making WLANs Work Reliably

White Paper - A guide for Enterprise and Hotspot Operators.

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WiFi Essentials

Radios, Antennas & Other WiFi essentials.

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Compelling Economics for Broadband WiFi

White Paper

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WiFi Stress Report

A vendor indepenent Analysis of Access Points

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Evaluation of Three-stream 802.11n Access Points

Read the Syracuse University report into the evaluation of 3x3:3 Access Points

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Ruckus SmartCast Brochure

Feature sheet on Ruckus' Advanced WiFi "Quality of Service" engine.

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Ruckus Case Studies

Ruckus Case Study

Read all about how Ruckus helped Sandals Resorts with their WiFi requirements

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Sundance Case Study

Find out how Ruckus helped the Sundance film festival with their outdoor WiFi requirements

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WOW Logistics Case Study

Learn all about how Ruckus helped WOW Logistics with their Warehousing WiFi requirements

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WOMAD Case Study

Find out how Ruckus helped the WOMAD festival with their outdoor WiFi requirement

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