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Qube Networks provides clients with a co-located and managed IT service, with particular emphasis on managed networks, applications and servers. In 2008, we were engaged to consult on a major expansion to the Server and Storage systems.

For over six years, DTE has provided managed services to Qube. As their business has grown DTE has adjusted their infrastructure to cope with their ever-growing mix of SME, mid-market, enterprise and public sector clientele.

Qube has some unique clients propositions in the charitable arena and host numerous sites. This requires Qube to have an extremely flexible network as charitable donations can range from a few thousand visitors one day to hundreds of thousands of visitors the next all of whom want to make charitable donations. Without a highly stable infrastructure there would be potential for the site to collapse during “busy periods”.

DTE has worked alongside Qube’s experienced internal staff to design a highly scalable and resilient network architecture that can cope with extreme fluctuations in traffic levels.

The key challenges for the project were delivering a solution that:

  • Was reliable
  • Enhanced performance
  • Offered a cost savings against capital costs and lower cost of ownership
  • Promised power reductions and a lower carbon output

After consultation the decision was made to implement a fully virtualised environment utilising VMware, Citrix and HP hardware. DTE coordinated the supply, staging and product configuration based on this requirement.

By utilising these best of breed products, the project delivered a significant reduction on energy consumption and associated costs. In addition to the direct financial savings were the benefits of improved performance and simplified management.

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