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The Langley Academy is a unique academy that serves the young people of Langley, Slough and further afield, providing an imaginative and creative environment which positions them to be at the forefront of science education.

Since 2010 DTE have been providing products and solutions to Langley Academy to give a robust IT platform that enables the education of a generation.

Having worked in the industry for many years I was used to ordinary IT suppliers, but once we began working with DTE we soon discovered they were extraordinary in many ways. They offered a number of solutions and outstanding pricing on hardware, as well as professional services at a great rate. The quality of services went beyond all recognition.

DTE have also helped us to put in place a superb technical support contract. Unlike many other IT service providers this is not a template – it’s very carefully tailored to our specific network requirements.

DTE have always gone an extra mile to support our requirements and I am happy to recommend them to any business looking for a first-class IT partner.

Milosz Jablonski - ICT Manager

Langley Academy required an experienced and dedicated partner to assist in developing their ICT to reduce running costs whilst still providing a 21st century infrastructure that will accommodate their expected teaching and learning challenges.

In DTE, Langley felt that they would have a partner who not only understood and cared about their challenges but who were  able to provide solutions at the cutting edge of technology for a price that suited their budget.

DTE have worked with Langley Academy on a large number of projects including:

  • Implementation of a new Storage Area Network for their file store and applications.
  • Consolidating their existing servers into a more efficient virtualised environment, giving performance and cost-saving benefits.
  • The assessment and redesign of the entire wired & wireless infrastructure, ensuring that it is ready for the next-generation of voice & video applications.
  • The assessment and redesign of the telephony infrastructure, removing a previous IP solution that was inadequate in both hardware and configuration and replacing it with a complete Cisco solution.
  • The supply and configuration of over 300 Dell PC’s in preparation for the introduction of a new software package requiring higher processing power than their current PC’s had the capacity for.
  • The implementation of a Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) strategy in support of tablets and smart phones to achieve one of their academic goals.

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