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InMobi enable the world’s largest brands, agencies, developers and publishers to create immediate business value by using their platforms to deliver highly compelling value propositions to the target consumer.

Impressed with our end-to-end capabilities and global reach, DTE were approached by InMobi in 2011 to provide hardware and consultancy services across EMEA.

The whole team at DTE are very talented, trustworthy, and can be relied on to deliver excellent services. The team is very motivated and confidently provide the correct solution to any critical IT problem that may arise.

Siva Kularasalingam - IT Support Manager (Europe & Middle East)

InMobi were looking for a company they could work closely with who could not only understand their needs but who could react to them extremely quickly; whether the requirement was on-site consultancy in London or next-day hardware supply across Europe.

A partner, rather than a supplier, was needed who could offer value-added services above and beyond that of a traditional re-seller and who had the technical capabilities and experience to supplement their own internal IT department.

DTE met with InMobi and in a deep-dive workshop we examined their current and future business needs and explored their existing networking infrastructure.

Once we had a full grasp of not only where the customer was at that time but what they wanted to achieve in the medium to long-term we were able to make recommendations on how to enhance their network, and align our internal resources to give InMobi a perfectly balanced account team.

Ever since DTE have worked with InMobi to provide:

  • Supply and implementation of new voice, data and storage solutions from market-leading vendors.
  • Supply of active & passive offerings not only in the UK but across EMEA ensuring that no matter the location, DTE’s service was first-rate.
  • Proof of concept & testing services for a wide range of technologies, both on-site at InMobi and in DTE’s test lab.
  • Ongoing engagement with the IT and senior management team to ensure we are always up-to-date with InMobi’s company strategy.

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