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Dell Corporation, one of the world’s leading computer technology companies, first approached DTE in 2008 to assist them in transacting a large Cisco opportunity.

Following on from the success of the initial engagement, DTE became a critical partner to the Dell Software & Peripherals (S&P) team who used DTE to procure and install products from outside of the Dell portfolio which their customers required but which Dell were unfamiliar with.

Some of the services DTE provided Dell were:

  • Arranging pre-sales technical calls with Dell’s end-user and our engineers to discuss their requirements.
  • Utilising DTE’s accreditation's and in-depth knowledge of vendor promotions to provide the best possible pricing, and in some cases we re-positioned our accreditation's and took on new vendors in order to service every requirement of the customer.
  • Attending customer meeting with Dell’s account managers.
  • Running technical workshops with Dell and their customers to create and verify any new network architecture.
  • Installations from cabling to hardware solutions using security cleared engineers.
  • Providing Dell staff with training and a knowledge base to enable them to confidently talk about other manufacturers, and educate their customers on topics from hardware maintenance to avoiding grey market goods.

Offering a full end-to-end service, DTE utilised our knowledge and accreditation's to deliver a right-first-time solution at an unbeatable price for hundreds of Dell customers.

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