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Why do you need a concrete Network Infrastructure to support your business?

Posted by Gary Dobson

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25-Apr-2016 16:06:16



Organisations across the world need to have a suitable network Infrastructure to support their daily operation’s. 

This is so that they can remain “connected” to their customers, provide rapid responses, be more productively efficient in their daily tasks and grow their business’. Your Network Infrastructure should never be over looked, and if it is over looked the chances are that your business is failing to provide your staff and clients with a secure, reliable network and desktop infrastructure.What this leads to is a great loss in business efficiency and a further increase in your costs! Not ideal for any business out there.So what can you do to help your organisation be more efficient and cost effective by implementing the right Network Infrastructure?

What Is a Network Infrastructure?
By Definition Network Infrastructure “refers to the hardware and software resources of an entire network that enable network connectivity, communication, operations and management of an enterprise network.” What this means is that if your IT Infrastructure is not well connected or secure, communication is likely to be affected, thus effecting the operation’s and the management of an enterprise network. Corporate organisations and small businesses need to have an in depth knowledge and hire Network Specialists to look after their Internal IT needs. Let’s face it in today’s era, a business is nothing without WI-FI, social media, telephones, and most importantly E-mails!  None of which can work in a business environment without being connected to a network. When networks are not conversing with each other this can lead to an array of affects,

A Secure Network
There is no point in having a network if you are unsure of what you want to protect. Let’s face it, everyone wants to protect their data and customers by implementing a network that is trusted and secure, which also prevents information from being compromised. There are a few things you have to consider, first of all what data is confidential?  And what resources are precious to your business?  These are two questions you should ask yourself before you even consider implementing any solution. Most companies still do not have any type of corporate sanctioned security policies, operators define them on a adhoc basis. According to Cisco’s news room Cybercrimes will cost the global economy a whopping $445 billion this year”. You will have to deal with any type of security breach and that’s why it’s important to have appliances and a secure network that is fit for purpose, which detect, prevent and monitor an intrusion.

The Importance of Hardware
Having the right hardware is a critical aspect of your network infrastructure, what’s more if you can get it a great pricing, isn’t that an incentive in itself? We focus around what our clients need and what impact hardware can have on your infrastructure. With the current market place there are tons of hardware and software options. At DTE we provide you with the consultation that allows you increase your productivity, reduce your cost on hardware and bring you additional value by travelling that extra mile.

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