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Why Building a Partner Network Means Better Client Service

Posted by Kunal Bhogal

25-Jun-2015 11:30:00

Are you constantly looking to on board new partners in this generation where alliances are becoming part of many successful businesses such as Cisco?

A strategic alliance is not just about making sales, it's about having a goal and a strategy in place in order to achieve that goal. Now the goal can be to gain more market share, or to make sales or even to adjust the operations of a business so that it becomes more effective in satisfying a customer's requirements. Partnerships work well when two businesses work together to achieve goals that are mutually valuable and profitable. Information is usually shared and risks are split between both parties in order to achieve the end goal. The main aim for an alliance is to offer a valuable service, as well as allowing both businesses to be more cost efficient rather than investing heavily in development.  
Our partners have seen a great deal of success with our partnership model that has allowed them to exchange services and solutions with Dynamic Technologies Europe. It is about building relationships and maintaining that relationship as well as expanding in the areas that you are most successful. Our partners enjoy taking away the extra value that we offer as VAR, such as pre-sales technical support and certified engineers.
The partnership model exists for various reasons and the benefits of an alliance can be extremely powerful especially in the technology industry, and the reseller market where having the competitive edge is an essential aspect in winning business and turning investments into profits. At DTE we are always keen to have a conversation around an alliance, here are some reasons why: 
  • Expert knowledge is better than generalised
  • Dedicated teams deliver better results
  • Clients get the best solution and service 
We live in an era where information and knowledge is always being exchanged and it is extremely valuable for many businesses out there. Extending services and solutions in a two way alliance can help not only grow revenues or condense time frames but also increase productivity which in return raises efficiency.    
Having the expertise and accreditations in all aspects of network infrastructure and any other technological industry can be challenging to say the least, we have experienced it first hand and for that have built up a good track record of certifications and experience in volatile industry which we are able to extend in partnership. 
The key to success with an alliance is being able to add extra or provide a service or solution to your client that is unique and cost effective, our partnership model does exactly that. By firstly being consultative we able to understand what the client requires, but also note what challenges are faced and make suggestions. Then we ensure we are competitive on pricing by understanding how the channel works, and make use of the various programmes and promotions available. .
With regard to an alliance being worth it, the answer is yes. Provided that there is a mutual agreement between both parties to meet the target. At DTE we cherish our partners and have developed an incredibly strong portfolio that is beneficial for both parties in partnership, and we love being able to extend over our services and solutions as well as educate our partners to the best of our ability and go the extra mile in our field of expertise.


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4 Ways to Get Better at Meeting Client Demands That Grow Margins

Posted by Paul Hitchings

21-May-2015 11:30:00

Figuring out how to meet client demands and grow margins isn't easy. But once you figure out the basics, you've opened the doors to tremendous opportunities for growth and learning.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by Paul Hitchings

03-Feb-2015 11:35:00

In the current economic climate that the world operates in, IT departments and heads of procurement are under constant and rising pressure to deliver solutions on ever decreasing budgets. It is perhaps partly due to this that the grey market has become so prominent. Indeed, Computer Weekly reported that the grey market is estimated to be worth approximately £24 billion worldwide. They go on to explain that the grey market can tempt under-pressure clients with prices that can sometimes be up to 70% less than suppliers’ list prices.

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Aesop’s “Bundle of Sticks”: Partnerships Stronger Together than Alone

Posted by Paul Hitchings

27-Nov-2014 10:15:00

I recall once hearing Aesop’s fable about the bundle of sticks. It makes reference to the wise old man who sits his children down and provides them each with a stick. When he prompts them to break the individual sticks, they snap easily. However when bundled together the sticks form a much tougher entity which is stronger, and harder to break.

Now I’m fairly certain that Aesop wasn’t looking to make a statement here about the IT reseller model, but the morals and ideas around this fable can be applied to the changing face of this model none the less, and it works in line with my view that it is those forward thinking resellers who embrace effective strategic partnerships with other resellers who will flourish in this highly competitive landscape.

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DTE Insider: Growing Through Partnership an Interview with Paul Hitchings.

Posted by Liam Pickard

20-Nov-2014 10:13:36

Paul joined DTE at the start of 2014 to help them sustain and develop their network of strategic partners. Now nearly a year on and with many successful collaborations under their belts, what does Paul have to say about working at a growing global presence in enterprise networking and what are his plans to develop  partnerships new and old in 2015?

  1. You come from a background delivering multiple projects for clients, is there much difference to what you used to do and your work at DTE?
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