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Network Technology Trends to Watch in 2016

Posted by Connor Twigg

05-Jan-2016 10:30:00

Before we start, first of all let me wish you all a Happy New Year from all of the team here at Dynamic Technologies Europe. 

2015 saw big news and changes in the networking technology arena. From potentially game changing acquisitions and mergers, such as HP-Aruba and Dell-EMC; to the continued march of mobility and connectivity, including IoT and IoE.

You might recall we made some predictions at the start of 2015 (here just to refresh your memory.) So lets take a look at what the DTE experts think will be big in 2016!

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Does Your Network Security Strategy Include VoIP Calls?

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

18-Jun-2015 10:00:00

IP Telephony: Is it secure?:

Securing your business has always been an important task. We keep all of our data under lock and key, you keep your accounts in secure locations and you train and develop your teams to be security concious. We all know that the fight to keep our clients and our business safe is never ending. This week I want to bring you attention to your phones, in particular the areas of your business where you are taking advantage of the power of VoIP. I have been watching the evolution of VoIP with interest since the start of my career in technology way back in the 90's. At the time I was working with an Avaya reseller who supplied the IP-Office system. Back then the networks we had could not really support VoIP and it has taken a little while for our networks to catch up and provide the service required to enable truly business class communications. Now VoIP is a well known communication platform and helps us to connect in the way it was always intended. What many Telecom providers might not have mentioned to you is exactly how easy it is to hack a VoIP call once it has left your network and the impact this can have on your business. 

These days we are all familiar with hacking, and you do not need to be a celebrity to be a high profile target. Imagine the conversations happening across your business and what is involved. Take for example sales and finance teams discussing payment terms and details, highly secure information is being passed verbally on these calls every day. If you are hacked you could find account details, payment information and personal details are being stolen and used for someone else benefit. Where does this leave your business? With a breach you are unaware of, possibly out of PCI compliance and facing hefty fines! 

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5 Lessons About Security You Can Learn From The Avengers

Posted by Liam Pickard

04-Jun-2015 11:00:00


superheroes are everywhere these days! You see them in the cinema, on our TV and if you have children probably adorned on various articles of clothing and games! These range of heroes out there is amazing from the law men of Mega City 1 through to Earth's mightiest heroes The Avengers. Acting as a protection against the evils of the world in all its forms. And it is the latter group of super powered characters that I was watching only recently at the cinema that got me thinking about cyber security.

The premise for the latest movie is all about protection and security, as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner accidentally create a new foe for themselves, whilst trying to protect the planet from all kinds of nasty things. Their new Nemesis breaks into their systems, steals information and escapes out to the wider world through their network and computer systems. The information stolen is then used to bring about certain doom for the earth. Sound familiar? Network vulnerabilities being exploited an, information stolen and all fingers pointed at some one who should have been able to deal with the breach before it became an issue. So what can the Avengers teach us about keeping our networks and company information safe?

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ACI and Security Automation from Cisco

Posted by Connor Twigg

07-May-2015 10:30:00

Cisco ACI and IT Security


As our data centers start to change and the method by which information is moved around the business, new challenges are being presented everyday to network teams across the globe. Cisco ACI comes to the rescue with the automation of IT security policy provisioning across devices and servers, and sets up specific policies for each application and tenant using microsegmentation. Policy-based provisioning. For IT Security.

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Understanding the Advanced Persistent Threat

Posted by Gary Dobson

12-Feb-2015 10:30:00

You know the acronym but do you know the detail behind it?

You have probably heard a lot about this new wave of cyber criminal and how they are using APT to attack your business, steal your data and put your organisation at risk. Recently we have witnessed a great deal of press over attacks on Sony and other high level enterprise companies. People who you would think were ahead of the game and ready to fend off any would be cyber criminal. The truth is though they have not been, and as a result these highly publicised network breaches have resulted in lost revenues, lost reputation and possibly a head or two rolling!

SO, what is an Advanced Persistent Threat or APT?

This video from APT experts FireEye gives a great explanation, and also looks like it could be a scene from Tron.



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Fifty Shades of Grey

Posted by Paul Hitchings

03-Feb-2015 11:35:00

In the current economic climate that the world operates in, IT departments and heads of procurement are under constant and rising pressure to deliver solutions on ever decreasing budgets. It is perhaps partly due to this that the grey market has become so prominent. Indeed, Computer Weekly reported that the grey market is estimated to be worth approximately £24 billion worldwide. They go on to explain that the grey market can tempt under-pressure clients with prices that can sometimes be up to 70% less than suppliers’ list prices.

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Wireless for the Win! Improving business operations

Posted by Kunal Bhogal

27-Jan-2015 16:09:00

As Enterprise Network solution specialists we at DTE can strongly say that WI-FI is one of the core elements to a business’ success. With the globe going wireless it seems that businesses have to adjust to the W-FI generation. We have come a long way from the standard protocols of using the internet and derived into a world of wireless wisdom, so how do business’ manage their WI-FI and what affect does this have on operations? 

The New WI-FI and the Cloud

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The Vendor Chronicles: FireEyes Jason Steer talks APT's and Innovation

Posted by Liam Pickard

15-Jan-2015 14:02:00

The first Vendor Chronicles of 2015 is here, and where better to start than with one of the most innovative vendors in cyber security: FIREEYE. Jason Steer is Director of Technology Strategy here in the UK and his knowledge of FireEye and the security industry are second to none. 

DTE: Enterprises appear to be under more cyber threats than ever before. Network security is constantly in the news these days from hacked cloud accounts through to the recent Sony leak. When there are so many security solutions on the market how are these attacks still getting through?

JASON: Simple - Sadly the security tools we have used for the last 10 yrs plus just aren’t designed to detect these types of attacks today; we have the wrong tool for the job. Customers need to re-consider their risk profile & risk appetite – then review if they still think they have the right tools knowing how many other organisations  with organisations with sophisticated security in place have already been breached.

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4 IT security risks you didn't know you had

Posted by Gary Dobson

19-Dec-2014 11:00:00

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Is your network Home Alone? Network Security Solutions Worth Your Time

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

12-Dec-2014 12:30:00


Recently I have been working with a number of clients on “beefing up” their network security. I do not know what it is about this time of year, maybe it’s just me, but security always becomes a big discussion as we enter the holiday season. It could be that events such as Black Friday and the large number of transactions flying around online turn this time of year into hunting season for the Cyber Criminal. You can see why when an estimated £281 million (the telegraph) will be spent online in just 1 day why the criminal society would want to target business at this time of the year. It is not just transactions that are getting targeted these days either! Take your intellectual property as an example, how much is it worth? I bet Sony have a price on theirs after they had 5 movies stolen after a cyber attack.

Security is and should be a high priority for any business, you should protect the business, its staff and its assets. It is the way of the world now though that the criminal has gotten sharper and more sophisticated. No longer just throwing various attacks out there, these attacks are becoming more calculated and specific. The cybercriminal does his research and knows who to target, what the security is likely to be and where a good entrance point is! Maybe they were foolishly inspired by Harry and Marv from Home Alone, the would be criminals who do their homework, find their specific targets and access points and try to run off with all the swag they can get. That is until they meet some upgraded and innovative security features in the shape of a young Macaulay Culkin.

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