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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Network Infrastructure

Posted by Gary Dobson

28-May-2015 10:34:00

Then To Now:

Your company's network infrastructure is most likely one of the most important elements to running your enterprise. The network supports every area of the company from delivering services to each and every department that improve daily operations, through to offering analytics that help your company develop and grow. Go back about 10 years ago and you simply needed to make sure that your business systems could support the flow of information around the business and you could afford to work in silo's of IT designed for specific tasks, not so in todays converged and application driven world. So what do you need to consider when looking at your IT infrastructure, and how do you align these decisions to business goals?

As a global infrastructure specialist we have helped many of our clients understand the new world of networking and how virtualization, cloud, IoT, SDN, and mobility are changing the face of their business. Our check-list below outlines the key actions we go through to help global enterprises identify the right solutions to achieve their business goals.

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Topics: Enterprise Networks, IT infrastructure, IT Procurement

Does setting suppliers against each other benefit IT procurement?

Posted by Ross Everard

26-Mar-2015 12:56:38

In some organisations, it is standard practice to obtain quotes from multiple suppliers for each IT purchase. But why is that?

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Topics: General, IT Procurement

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