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Backup it up, Backup it up, Let me begin!

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

09-Apr-2015 11:00:00

If like me you are a child of the 90's you are probably looking at the title to this blog and wondering why I am getting the lyrics to House of Pain's Jump around all wrong. The answer is simple, there are companies out there that are either running on old antiquated backup systems or even worse NONE AT ALL!! So I repeat Backup Backup and let me begin!

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Will virtualisation and the cloud create IT cost-efficiency

Posted by Ross Everard

19-Mar-2015 10:00:00

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Data Center Myths Busted

Posted by Ross Everard

03-Mar-2015 11:30:00

Data centers provide the very foundation for our increasingly digitized world. The Data Center is a core piece to the successful enterprise. however the DC like any other technology has a number of myths and misunderstandings regarding their role, ability and how they work. Our experts were discussing some of these myths Monday morning, just within my earshot! So as a nice giving kind of guy I thought I would bust some of these myths for you.  

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Backup the issues of disaster recovery?

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

20-Jan-2015 11:30:00


Every business has to be prepared for a recovery event! From natural disasters through to technology failures, there are a multitude of reasons to make sure that you have backup and disaster recover solutions in place.

This came to my mind after a relative of mine was explaining how their business had lost 2 days of work thanks to something as simple as a leaky roof! Not only did they lose 2 days of productive working due to a poor Disaster Recovery strategy, they also lost all their data from the previous 4 days. You can imagine the impact that this had on the business operation, reputation with clients and ultimately the revenue that was lost over those days and ongoing. 

The Disaster Recovery strategy was based on people taking work home with them in a paper format. Unfortunately however, the staff had already been contacted and told not to attend the office as the site was unsafe and required inspection. Okay, the leaky roof was an understatement, the roof of the warehouse caved in! The end result though was that the great "take work home with you" strategy failed at the first hurdle.

Upon further investigation of this event, I discovered that they are using DAT tapes as backup and this task falls to the office administrator. A lady who has little to no technical knowledge, travels on the bus and is known for being forgetful with handbags. (I can personally vouch for this having had to go and retrieve said bag more than once from the bus depot) 

What type of solution should you look at to get away from these types of problems?

One such solution is cloud backup. Using the power of the cloud to backup your data and providing the ability to pull this back up information from anywhere at any time on any device. That's 2 days my relatives company would not have lost!

Watch the video below to find out more about iomart and how cloud back up services could support your disaster recovery plans. 

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