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The Wireless Challange

Posted by Kunal Bhogal

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04-Jul-2016 16:12:05


Hotels & Resorts are changing the way in which they provide key services to customers. In the current era of constant connection to the internet, there is a high expectation being put on the wireless used by customers. For the majority of customers, one of the most important services is access to the internet via your Wi-Fi.

The majority of venues already have a Wi-Fi solution in place, some charge for access and others provide access free of charge. However, the level of service delivered is not matching expectations. This leads to bad reviews and a loss of repeat business, as corporate customers are unlikely to stay or host an event at your venue if there is poor access for them and their guests. The same is also true for the domestic user too, with fibre broadband at home consumers are expecting the same level of service on networks they are accessing.

The growth in devices and vast amounts of data being transmitted on a daily basis across your network has no doubt exploded in the last few years. Trying to manage this traffic and maintain services is a big head ache for network teams across the industry.

How do you provide services across your venue that keep customers happy and provide opportunities to create new revenue streams?

DTE and GX2 have united to give you an idea of how you can get great reviews from your customers and in room Wi-Fi services through a fully managed wireless solution.

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