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7 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Data Centre

Posted by Connor Twigg

09-Jul-2015 14:54:44

Little changes can bring the biggest rewards!

When it comes to IT Infrastructure little things can make a massive difference to efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO). As technology becomes more readily available and accessible to end users these differences in how we manage and maintain our infrastructure are increasingly in the spotlight. Many of our clients have been updating their data centres to cope with the influx of service requirements being driven by the demand for mobile applications and end points to suit. All of which has left our old traditional approach to infrastructure in the past. This week I am going to share 7 little bits of advice on how you can improve what you are doing within your DC. 

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3 Reasons Your Network Efficiency is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

02-Jul-2015 11:10:00


One of my technicians has been working on a client site for the last couple of weeks, the poor lad has been in Las Vegas of all places terrible I know. Whilst on site he got caught up in several conversations with the networking team discussing how they measure network efficiency.  Did they look at how fast data travelled across the network, how much power the network consumed or how easy it was for end users to get what they expected from the network. Of course how you choose to measure the effectiveness of anything within your IT estate is up to you and should be aligned to you business goals. There are any number of tools available out there to help you measure your network speeds and indicators of performance.

Even if your an established Network Manager or your new to the role and inherited a network full of problems, what are the top 3 things that are creating networking to be less than excellent? 

I asked amongst our technicians and clients and this is what they had to say.

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Why Building a Partner Network Means Better Client Service

Posted by Kunal Bhogal

25-Jun-2015 11:30:00

Are you constantly looking to on board new partners in this generation where alliances are becoming part of many successful businesses such as Cisco?

A strategic alliance is not just about making sales, it's about having a goal and a strategy in place in order to achieve that goal. Now the goal can be to gain more market share, or to make sales or even to adjust the operations of a business so that it becomes more effective in satisfying a customer's requirements. Partnerships work well when two businesses work together to achieve goals that are mutually valuable and profitable. Information is usually shared and risks are split between both parties in order to achieve the end goal. The main aim for an alliance is to offer a valuable service, as well as allowing both businesses to be more cost efficient rather than investing heavily in development.  
Our partners have seen a great deal of success with our partnership model that has allowed them to exchange services and solutions with Dynamic Technologies Europe. It is about building relationships and maintaining that relationship as well as expanding in the areas that you are most successful. Our partners enjoy taking away the extra value that we offer as VAR, such as pre-sales technical support and certified engineers.
The partnership model exists for various reasons and the benefits of an alliance can be extremely powerful especially in the technology industry, and the reseller market where having the competitive edge is an essential aspect in winning business and turning investments into profits. At DTE we are always keen to have a conversation around an alliance, here are some reasons why: 
  • Expert knowledge is better than generalised
  • Dedicated teams deliver better results
  • Clients get the best solution and service 
We live in an era where information and knowledge is always being exchanged and it is extremely valuable for many businesses out there. Extending services and solutions in a two way alliance can help not only grow revenues or condense time frames but also increase productivity which in return raises efficiency.    
Having the expertise and accreditations in all aspects of network infrastructure and any other technological industry can be challenging to say the least, we have experienced it first hand and for that have built up a good track record of certifications and experience in volatile industry which we are able to extend in partnership. 
The key to success with an alliance is being able to add extra or provide a service or solution to your client that is unique and cost effective, our partnership model does exactly that. By firstly being consultative we able to understand what the client requires, but also note what challenges are faced and make suggestions. Then we ensure we are competitive on pricing by understanding how the channel works, and make use of the various programmes and promotions available. .
With regard to an alliance being worth it, the answer is yes. Provided that there is a mutual agreement between both parties to meet the target. At DTE we cherish our partners and have developed an incredibly strong portfolio that is beneficial for both parties in partnership, and we love being able to extend over our services and solutions as well as educate our partners to the best of our ability and go the extra mile in our field of expertise.


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Does Your Network Security Strategy Include VoIP Calls?

Posted by Mitchell Rutherford

18-Jun-2015 10:00:00

IP Telephony: Is it secure?:

Securing your business has always been an important task. We keep all of our data under lock and key, you keep your accounts in secure locations and you train and develop your teams to be security concious. We all know that the fight to keep our clients and our business safe is never ending. This week I want to bring you attention to your phones, in particular the areas of your business where you are taking advantage of the power of VoIP. I have been watching the evolution of VoIP with interest since the start of my career in technology way back in the 90's. At the time I was working with an Avaya reseller who supplied the IP-Office system. Back then the networks we had could not really support VoIP and it has taken a little while for our networks to catch up and provide the service required to enable truly business class communications. Now VoIP is a well known communication platform and helps us to connect in the way it was always intended. What many Telecom providers might not have mentioned to you is exactly how easy it is to hack a VoIP call once it has left your network and the impact this can have on your business. 

These days we are all familiar with hacking, and you do not need to be a celebrity to be a high profile target. Imagine the conversations happening across your business and what is involved. Take for example sales and finance teams discussing payment terms and details, highly secure information is being passed verbally on these calls every day. If you are hacked you could find account details, payment information and personal details are being stolen and used for someone else benefit. Where does this leave your business? With a breach you are unaware of, possibly out of PCI compliance and facing hefty fines! 

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The nature of the Data Centre is changing… Are you ready for it?

Posted by Connor Twigg

11-Jun-2015 11:00:00

Up until recently the classic “3-tier network” ruled the roost in the data centre, but as the data centre evolves and a new App-centric ethos takes hold, new challenges appear. With applications becoming more demanding and the push towards virtualisation in the enterprise, more companies are now starting to consider the benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to overcome these challenges.

 Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is the global networking behemoths slant on SDN, and combined with their cutting edge Nexus 9k range of DC switches, they believe now is the time that you should all start looking at the transition… But what is ACI and why should you adopt it now?

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5 Lessons About Security You Can Learn From The Avengers

Posted by Liam Pickard

04-Jun-2015 11:00:00


superheroes are everywhere these days! You see them in the cinema, on our TV and if you have children probably adorned on various articles of clothing and games! These range of heroes out there is amazing from the law men of Mega City 1 through to Earth's mightiest heroes The Avengers. Acting as a protection against the evils of the world in all its forms. And it is the latter group of super powered characters that I was watching only recently at the cinema that got me thinking about cyber security.

The premise for the latest movie is all about protection and security, as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner accidentally create a new foe for themselves, whilst trying to protect the planet from all kinds of nasty things. Their new Nemesis breaks into their systems, steals information and escapes out to the wider world through their network and computer systems. The information stolen is then used to bring about certain doom for the earth. Sound familiar? Network vulnerabilities being exploited an, information stolen and all fingers pointed at some one who should have been able to deal with the breach before it became an issue. So what can the Avengers teach us about keeping our networks and company information safe?

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Topics: Enterprise Networks, Network Security

The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Network Infrastructure

Posted by Gary Dobson

28-May-2015 10:34:00

Then To Now:

Your company's network infrastructure is most likely one of the most important elements to running your enterprise. The network supports every area of the company from delivering services to each and every department that improve daily operations, through to offering analytics that help your company develop and grow. Go back about 10 years ago and you simply needed to make sure that your business systems could support the flow of information around the business and you could afford to work in silo's of IT designed for specific tasks, not so in todays converged and application driven world. So what do you need to consider when looking at your IT infrastructure, and how do you align these decisions to business goals?

As a global infrastructure specialist we have helped many of our clients understand the new world of networking and how virtualization, cloud, IoT, SDN, and mobility are changing the face of their business. Our check-list below outlines the key actions we go through to help global enterprises identify the right solutions to achieve their business goals.

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Topics: Enterprise Networks, IT infrastructure, IT Procurement

4 Ways to Get Better at Meeting Client Demands That Grow Margins

Posted by Paul Hitchings

21-May-2015 11:30:00

Figuring out how to meet client demands and grow margins isn't easy. But once you figure out the basics, you've opened the doors to tremendous opportunities for growth and learning.

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Topics: General, Partnership

ACI and Security Automation from Cisco

Posted by Connor Twigg

07-May-2015 10:30:00

Cisco ACI and IT Security


As our data centers start to change and the method by which information is moved around the business, new challenges are being presented everyday to network teams across the globe. Cisco ACI comes to the rescue with the automation of IT security policy provisioning across devices and servers, and sets up specific policies for each application and tenant using microsegmentation. Policy-based provisioning. For IT Security.

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Topics: Data Centers, Network Security, Cisco

Should Marketing Care About Wireless?

Posted by Liam Pickard

28-Apr-2015 16:22:00

I am going to put myself out there straight away and say HELL YEA WE SHOULD!

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Topics: WiFi

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