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Network Technology Trends to Watch in 2016

Posted by Connor Twigg

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05-Jan-2016 10:30:00


Before we start, first of all let me wish you all a Happy New Year from all of the team here at Dynamic Technologies Europe. 

2015 saw big news and changes in the networking technology arena. From potentially game changing acquisitions and mergers, such as HP-Aruba and Dell-EMC; to the continued march of mobility and connectivity, including IoT and IoE.

You might recall we made some predictions at the start of 2015 (here just to refresh your memory.) So lets take a look at what the DTE experts think will be big in 2016!

1. Software Defined Networking (SDN)

With applications becoming more demanding and the push towards virtualisation in the enterprise, more companies over the past couple of years have started to consider the benefits of Software Defined Networking, which allows them to create, scale and deliver new services quickly and seamlessly.

The coming year will look to build on the foundations set, with the adoption of more innovative, open, and automated software networking platforms, as enterprises and service providers migrate to New IP networks. The increasing deployment of x86 server architecture will accelerate this transformation, replacing specialised networking hardware in multiple network roles, such as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). Software is increasingly spread throughout every aspect of virtualisation transformations.

Solutions such as Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), a comprehensive controller and application combined SDN architecture that unlike other SDN offerings, is independent of OS support for its operation. It delivers SDN for the entire Data Centre & network and offers the chance to provide a smooth transition from physical to cloud networking. 

2. Mobility (Again!) & Connectivity

Yes, that seemingly age-old topic is still going to be massive for the coming year! With the widely recycled stat that there will be 25 Billion Connected Devices by 2020 still buzzing in the background, businesses of all sizes are still vying for the the best possible connectivity for their increasing number of mobile workers, and devices being used in the work place.

But it's not only enterprise-sized companies that looking to achieve top-levels of connectivity for their employees and guests, SMB's (and below) are getting on board as well. This is where solutions such as Ruckus' Unleashed range of APs, catering specifically for the smaller business looking for enterprise levels of connectivity, but where price sensitivity is also a factor.

3. Advanced Threat Protection & Adaptive Security

Security is always going to be a solid bet for being one of the top priorities of any IT leader, but several high profile events have led the security arrangements to require more than just a firewall and some end-point security. Hacks against companies like Sony, American Airlines and even the infamous Ashley Maddison incident prove that no company, irrelevant of size or industry, are immune to the threat of a cyber attack.

Specialist Cyber & Advanced Persistant Threat prevention companies, such as FireEye, are leading the way with innovative,  enterprise-class security solutions and services

4. Converged Infrastructures

Data Centres have changed a lot over the years, none more so than the hardware that runs them. From massive mainframes, through blades, to the recent Converged Infrastructure solutions that allow maximum performance at potential lower cost of ownership, thanks to lower overall power consumption, less spaced used and a reduction in management time; on top of this they allow improved agility, flexibility and security.

A number of forward thinking companies have already adopted this new way of looking at the data centre, and are already reaping the benefits that it brings. But as more and more companies are looking at improving their data centre performance whilst driving down cost, we predict that many more will adopt this technology over the coming 12-18 months.

Cisco's Unified Computing Solution (UCS) is a fantastic take on the Converged Infrastructure theme with, alongside the standard benefits, offers a Cloud-ready infrastructure, Unix Migration, built in UC compatibility and (with the right switch) 40g Ethernet.


There are a whole bundle of other technology trends to watch in 2016, but these 4 we think will be the main focus for a number of Enterprise  These are the areas that the enterprise has been gearing up for over the last few years, with big data, unified access, data centres and changes in how we manage our services. 

In closing I would like add that any technology trend or change can only be completed if you have the right structure in place. Yes the hardware, software and other components of the IT infrastructure are vital, its not what will hold us back though. It is the shift of decision making power, the need to invest wisely and when it is right. Take your time to engage with the right people in the business, find the right suppliers who understand you need more than just another box in the server room but a thought out service. 

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