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From our experienced sales team to our knowledgeable support staff, we’re proud to have a number of talented, highly skilled professionals working for DTE.  Our leadership team offers decades of experience, delivering an exceptional level of service to businesses and IT departments around the world. 


Gary Dobson

Global Sales Director

As Global Sales Director for DTE, Gary leads the sales team to position, bid, negotiate and close business at the appropriate commercial returns whilst maintaining an exceptionally high level of customer service. Gary is also responsible for developing strategic relationships with all of DTE’s vendors while also shaping marketing plans and strategies to support business growth, aid customer retention and improve brand development. When he’s not busy spending time with his young family, he enjoys listening to music and is an avid supporter of Newcastle United FC.


Jay Raja

Global Operations Director

As Global Operations Director, Jay is responsible for DTE’s accounting and business processes, including purchasing, logistics, and supply chain management. He works hard to ensure DTE’s costs are kept to a minimum by streamlining operations and improving productivity, quality and efficiency. Jay’s main focus is on identifying and introducing innovative practices that make a real difference to DTE and translate into value-added services for our customers. Jay is an avid DIYer with a keen interest in property. He also enjoys live music and travelling with his family.


Ian Jefferys

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Ian ensures the smooth running of his department from order processing and pricing support to logistics. Ian helps to maintain supplier, logistics and manufacturer relationships to guarantee the most competitive pricing, efficiency and value adds are passed on to all of DTE’s clients. Ian’s main priority is to ensure the customers experience is of an extremely high standard as well as making sure orders are delivered on time and inline with DTE’s clients’ schedules. Customer satisfaction is key for Ian and he prides himself on maintaining the highest possible customer experience he can with help from his well-established and efficient operations team. Outside of work, Ian enjoys spending time with his family. Has a passion for cooking and is an avid supporter of Arsenal FC.


Ross Everard

Senior Account Director

As Account Director, Ross is responsible for ensuring DTE delivers the highest level of service to each of their clients. Having been with the company since 2008, Ross works hard to familiarise himself with his client’s business goals and position DTE’s offering to complement those objectives. Ross manages the entire sales cycle for his clients and works to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Outside of work, he keeps busy by playing in a semi-professional quiz league, going to the gym, and supporting Northampton Saints RFC.


Mitchell Rutherford

Head of Technical Services

As Head of Technical Services, Mitchell focuses on continuing to provide excellent customer satisfaction with the aim of securing new and repeat business in the future. Mitchell provides DTE’s engineers with the right skills to meet customer requirements and to ensure that customer deliverables are always met on time and to the highest standards. Outside of work, Mitchell enjoys spending time with his family.

Paul Hitchings

Partner Account Manager

As Partner Manager at DTE, Paul works closely with our strategic partners to enable the value added services these relationships offer. Paul comes from a client driven background delivering multiple projects and services at any given time. Paul uses his knowledge of the IT industry to help connect the best partners to the right solutions. Paul also helps our partners when they have a requirement that requires DTE’s experts and technology partners. Paul enjoys in his spare time listening to a range of music, motor sport and poker.


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